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I’m at the philippines!
April 26, 2009

Yup! You heard me! I’m at the Philippines! I’m not in Canada no more, thats why I haven’t been posting stuff for a long time, (sorry), lol but now I’ll surely post things, and my Idea seeker ended on Kidscom just to let you know! But I’ll see how I can be an idea seeker for free lol! I’ll see yall soon! : D


My Mermaid Costumes That I Made!
November 9, 2008

Hey people, Princess Kimma putted these mermaid pictures on her page, I actually made it for design on kidscom, yeah it’s going to be good! Thanks to my friend Princess Kimma! She is really a good friend! Yeah so this is how it is going to look like,


 Sorry this got cut off because I guess they did not do it right when I save it as picture lol

lol thats how its going to look, yeah Princess Kimma putted it on her page, beautiful isn’t! Hmm I don’t know when it is going to be on in kidscom stores yet, also sorry I have not been posting for a long time to much school work, lol, anyways hope you like it! And I hope you all buy it and Princess Kimma buy’s it! See you later!

My Youtube
October 8, 2008

Hey peoples whats up? K so this is my youtube link, it is so cool! You can watch some of my uploaded videos! Hope you enjoy people! Later!

What Time is it in Canada??
September 15, 2008

Canada is where I live! If you want to know the time click here,

Me Singing Ultimate you In Youtube
September 15, 2008

My video is so famous! Watch it! It has, 1,025 views! Awsome!

Princess Kimma’s Blog On WordPress!
September 12, 2008

Hey everyone! This is Princess Kimma’s WordPress! Check it out!

The new Kidscom Logo With A special Background!
September 1, 2008

I created the Kidscom Background!

I created the Kidscom Background!

Ok so this is how the Kidscom Logo is going to look like! It looks more awesome than before! I created this in Blingee! I hope they add it to Kidscom!

Spotted Rockhopper in Club penguin!
September 1, 2008

  I spotted rockhopper in club penguin! But i forgot what server! Oh and at the beginning there is a party lol at Pie Face 07 house! Anyways I said dumbo when i went to the pizza parlor, because i thought Rockhopper was not there! Oops, I guess I made a mistake! Oh well! lol!

Hey People it’s Toni Tra From Kidscom!
July 4, 2008

Hi ppls! It’s Toni Tra! Ok this is totally my first blog! So yeah! Lol! Just wanted to say hi and stuff like that! Lol! But, I am going to start a new blog of kidscom! I’m going to update it! So yay! Lol! Hey and if you wanna check out my video click here!    That’s my first video! Lol! I did a good job on it! I’m going to do the updates soon! Anyways in kidscom, I’m usually at the Palace, Beach, Foyer, and Training tower! But I usually go to the Palace! Lol! P.S. If your hearing some noises that is my brother talking to my mom Lol! Well I’ll see you guys all later for now! Peace!

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By, Toni Tra